Imaginary Folksongs (2011)

Written in 2011 for saxophonist Nathan Nabb, this engaging set of six short pieces runs the gamut from virtuosic to melancholy to humorous.  This audience-pleaser utilizes both alto and soprano saxophone, as well as a few extended techniques.  Premiered in April, 2014.

I.  High in the Andes (soprano)
II.  Song of Light (alto)
III.  Magic Island (alto)
IV.  Titania's Bower (soprano)
V.  Bonnie-Bye (soprano)
VI.  The Three Jolly Pigeons (alto)

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Saxophonist Nathan Nabb

Saxophonist Nathan Nabb

Pianist James Pitts

Pianist James Pitts

Listen to excerpts:

Dan Gelok and Laura Bleakley play "Magic Island" for Houston Public Media

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