• San Diego, CA
  • USA

The Pacific Flute Ensemble, under the direction of Darrin Thaves, opened their National Flute Association Convention recital with the last movement from Mélange of Neumes.


Melange of Neumes (2009) by Stephen Lias

IV. Porrectus

Flutes of Nature (2016) by Jonathan Cohen

1. A Boy and His Tiger                          
2. Snow Falling on the Hawlings River
3. The Pine Squirrel Tarantella   
                    World Premiere

Shenandoah (2008) by Kelly Via                                            

Four Scottish Airs for Four Scots (2016) by Kathleen Mayne  

I.  The Huntress    
II:  A Gentle Soul   
III:  Let's Play Ball    
IV:  The Feisty One!   
         World Premiere

Truffel Hunt (2013) by Jamison Alderson
       NFA Premiere

Darrin F. Thaves,  Founder and Director
Sean Adamiak, Rachel Baik, Brandon Baker, Bryan Baker, Katie Bakker, Renee Bhatia, Maria Crowley, Yu Fujii, Yuki Fujimura, Jessica Geels, Adrienne Geffen, April Haagenson, Tina Huynh, Sarah Jackson, Carole Jacobs, Kendall Lowrey, Mike Mantz, Edith Nuno, Rebekah Redford, Jonathan Rodrigues, Jose Soto, Elizabeth Talbott, Saul Toscano