• Wooster United Methodist Church (map)
  • 243 North Market Street
  • Wooster, OH
  • USA

Aella Flute Duo explores the concept of whirlwind through Daniel Schnyder’s frenetic buzzing in "The bees in the wisteria" and the strong, cold, winter wind of "Mistral". In "Ghosts of Mesa Verde", composer Stephen Lias describes a lone traveller in the southwest desert discovering a mirage, only for it to be blown away by an arid wind. Movements from Mike Mower’s "Blowing a Storm" swirl with quickly changing tempos and moods. Nicole Chamberlain's "Chatter" energetically recreates the progression of a conversation between two friends using various extended techniques to increase the flutists' vocabulary. Like the wind, "Maya" by Ian Clarke expresses that which exists, but is constantly changing. Visit us on Facebook and on our website www.aellafluteduo.com for more information.