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Michael Butterman with the Boulder Philharmonic

Michael Butterman with the Boulder Philharmonic

On September 14th, Maestro Michael Butterman led the Boulder Philharmonic in the premiere of my piece Gates of the Arctic. The musical performance was accompanied by projected images from the park synchronized with the piece. It was an energetic and heart-warming evening with a very positive audience response.

Music critic Peter Alexander said:

"Gates of the Arctic" is thoroughly entertaining, especially with the photographic accompaniment. But it is also a well crafted and skillfully designed piece that features strong contrasts and great musical drama, woven into a effective orchestral score. (read full concert review).

We presented this piece as part of the national celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, and it was particularly moving to have the Superintendant of Gates of the Arctic National Park (Greg Dudgeon) in attendance.